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The Amazing Spider-Man, Review by Miriam Atallah

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

An innocent teenage boy who wants to take revenge on the bad guys, the nerd who falls in love with the prettiest girl at school, wall climbing and much more super power moves, the romantic boy/girl room scene, what a typical superhero movie! The Amazing Spider-Man did not take the challenge of making itself a post modern superhero movie, yet it managed to keep the audience stunned.

“If you’ve seen half a dozen superhero films, and the box office results, then you’ve also seen what The Amazing Spider-Man has to offer,” said Laremy Legel on

Marc Webb, the director, who also worked on one of the most post modern movies, 500 Days of Summer, did not meet the people’s expectations of the new spider-man movie in terms of making a change in the superhero genre...

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