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Al Kanz 2

The sequel resumes with Hassan setting out to find the treasure buried in his father, Bashir Al-Katatni's mansion. The clues in the ancient papyrus documents are within the stories of Hatshepsut in the Pharaonic era, Ali-the-Mercury during the Ottoman era and his father, Bashir Al-Katatini, Head of State Security Investigations Service during the rulership of the Khedival dynastyin the 1940s.Read More

The Guest

A young man has dinner with the family of Dr. Yehia Hussein Al-Tijani at the invitation of his daughter, who’s in love with him. But Dr. Yehia is living the worst days of his life after being assigned a guard because of threats that are following him because of his bold opinions, which turns the dinner into a stirring discussion between him and his guest.Read More


This is not based on a true story, but the story is so true!C-SECTION “يربوا بعزّكن” - is an all-stars Local film harboring A-List cast around both a spectacular story and scenario. A Drama-Comedy blend, centered on a thrilling yet touching plot, carrying deep morals and messages that appeal to everyone around the globe with no exception, in a suspenseful storytelling that will keep us on the edge of our seats.Read More

Khayal Maatah

A group of close friends who Committed a repory while they were young , then after 30 years the gather again to remember the causes that made them commit their crime.Read More

El Fil El Azrak 2

Five years after the first film, Doctor Yehia is now married to Lobna. He is called back at the psychiatry critical cases department where he meets those who manipulate his life and his family’s life. Yehia uses the blue elephant pills in an attempt to control things and solve the puzzles he faces.Read More

Bala Hayba

Mohsen” aka “Bala Hayba” will defy his own clan to gain “Haifa's” heart in the middle of the struggle of the elders to lead the clan of “Ras Al Talleh”.Read More

Welad Rizk 2

Two years after their last con and oath to quit thug life, everybody’s favorite wolf-pack is back to embark on not only one, but two new adventures with an unexpected partner in crime.Read More

Mohamed Hussein

A driver who is exposed to many comedic situations that affect his character and his life in general, develops a one-sided love relationship with one of the garage visitors.Read More

Sabeh El Borombo

92 min

Director(s): Mahmoud Karim

Writer(s): Louay Sayed

Actors: Ramez Galal Bayyumy Fouad Mohammed Tharwat Mohamed Abd Al-RahmanJamila Awad Badria Tolba Nour Qadri Amir Karara Ahmed El Sakka

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El Mamar

The film revolves around the Egyptian Thunderbolt forces during the war of attrition, headed by the leader of group 39 of the fighting division, the martyr Ibrahim Rifai.Read More