Oscars 2019 Predictions: “Roma” Should Win Every Single Award Except for Best Foreign Language Film

and here’s why…

by Miriam Atallah

Has the Oscar Fever hit you yet? All around the globe today, film critics, movie buffs and cinema lovers are pounding with excitement trying to come up with accurate predictions for this year’s Academy Awards. Like the rest of the world, we have predictions of our own. Here’s what we think:

Roma should win every single award except for Best Foreign-Language Film.”

Alfonso Cuaron did an amazing job with this film. His career will never be the same again. Proof? Well for starters, Roma has been nominated for ten different awards at the Academy this year, not to mention its nominations and wins at other movie awards like the Golden Globes and BAFTA. Here’s a fun fact about Cuaron and Roma before we proceed:

Did you know that when Cuaron was building his Roma crew up, he struggled to find the right Director of Photography (DOP)? Not because he didn’t have options, but because as he was explaining to them exactly what he wanted, none of them agreed on taking the risk. Hence, what he ended up doing is becoming his own DOP!

and he did it!

Not only did he do it, he rocked it! As you watch Roma you start wondering about the DOP’s relation with the director. It’s quite clear that the movie’s direction smoothly syncs with the direction of photography. You finish the movie, and SURPRISE! You find out that the director and the DOP are the same person, and suddenly everything starts making sense.

Despite its challenges of being a foreign language film and a Netflix production, Roma confidently made it to the other nine nominations including Best Director. And if the Academy is as objective as it seems, Alfonso Cuaron must undoubtedly win Best Director simply because he proved that he really is the best out there.

We would need to write another article to go into details of why Roma deserves every single award because it’s an incredible film in every aspect. But it doesn’t deserve the Best Foreign-Language Film award. This is because aside from the language itself, nothing is foreign about this movie. The story line is coherently universal, and the characters can be anywhere. Awarding Roma as Best Foreign-Language Film would be both degrading and redundant, and the Academy wouldn’t want to do that. This film has been nominated for other categories for a reason.

Speaking of Best Foreign-Language Film, perhaps another reason why Roma should not win according to many Lebanese and some American celebrities like Oprah Winfrey (check her tweet) and Glenn Close (check her interview), is because the movie Capharnaum by Lebanese female director Nadine Labaki is in the draw. Exactly like Roma, Capharnaum received a contradictory reception where some people LOVED it to tears, while others found it to be a bit unfocused and opportunistic.

“Here at Beiruting.com we definitely belong to the group that absolutely LOVED it, and are very proud of our Lebanese representative this year just like last year with director Ziad Doueiri and The Insult. Two years in a row at the Academy is alone an accomplishment for a country like ours, and we are rooting for you with all our hearts and souls, Nadine!”

Capharnaum has already won the Jury’s Prize at Cannes Festival 2018.

What about the rest?

Long story short, here are our predictions for this year vs. who we are rooting for:

  1. Best Picture:   Prediction: Vice. – Rooting for: Roma.
  2. Best Director: Prediction: Alfonso Cuaron (Roma). Rooting for: Alfonso Cuaron (Roma).
  3. Best Actress: – Prediction: Glenn Close (The Wife). Rooting for: Glenn Close (The Wife).
  4. Best Actor: This is one of the trickiest categories, tbh. – Prediction: Christian Bale (Vice). Rooting for: All of them!
  5. Best Supporting Actress: – Prediction: Emma Stone (The Favourite). Rooting for: Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk).
  6. Best Supporting Actor: Prediction: Mahershala Ali (Green Book). Rooting for: Mahershala Ali (Green Book).
  7. Best Original Screenplay: Prediction: First Reformed. Rooting for: Green Book.
  8. Best Adapted Screenplay: – Prediction: BlackKklansman. – Rooting for: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.
  9. Best Makeup & Hair Styling: – Prediction: Mary Queen of Scots. – Rooting for: Mary Queen of Scots.
  10. Best Costume Design: – Prediction: Black Panther. – Rooting for: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.
  11. Best Cinematography: – Prediction: Cold War. – Rooting for: Cold War.
  12. Best Original Song: – Prediction: “Shallow” (A Star is Born). – Rooting for: “Shallow” (A Star is Born).
  13. Best Original Score: – Prediction: Black Panther. – Rooting for: If Beale Street Could Talk.
  14. Best Documentary Feature: – Prediction: RBG. – Rooting for: RBG.
  15. Best Animated Feature: – Prediction: Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse. – Rooting for: Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse.
  16. Best Foreign-Language Film: It all depends on how they want to play it politically. – Prediction: Roma (if it doesn’t win Best Director and/or Best Picture) or Cold War if Roma wins all the rest. – Rooting for: Capharnaum all the way!
  17. Best Sound Mixing: – Prediction: Black Panther. – Rooting for: Bohemian Rhapsody.
  18. Best Sound Editing: – Prediction: Bohemian Rhapsody. – Rooting for: A Quiet Place.
  19. Best Production Design: – Prediction: Mary Poppins Returns. – Rooting for: Roma.
  20. Best Visual Effects: – Prediction: Solo: A Star Wars Story. – Rooting for: First Man.
  21. Best Film Editing: – Prediction: Vice. – Rooting for: Green Book.
  22. Best Animated Short: – Prediction: Bao. – Rooting for: N/A.
  23. Best Live-Action Short: – Prediction: Skin. – Rooting for: N/A.
  24. Best Documentary Short: – Prediction: Period. End of Sentence. – Rooting for: N/A.

Whatever happened to…?

Some movies, actors and actresses were poorly nominated and/or not even nominated at all where in our opinion they must have gotten credit for their work. Here’s the list:

  • A Quiet Place: This movie has acquired only one nomination, and we think it deserved more.
  • American Animals: This movie was not even nominated, and we believe it should have at least been nominated for Best Film Editing.
  • Nicole Kidman: She wasn’t nominated at all, and she should have at least acquired a nomination for Best Actress for her role in Destroyer or Best Supporting Actress in Aquaman.
  • Rosamund Pike: She wasn’t nominated although she should have earned credit for her astonishing performance in A Private War.
  • Aquaman: Not oscar-winning material, but DCEU could have used some support for getting back on track. Perhaps a nomination for Best Visual Effects?
  • Ben is Back: Also not oscar-winning material, but Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts should have gotten credit for something.
  • Colette: This film was made for a very niche audience indeed. Keira Knightley deserved a nomination for her role, and the movie deserved a nomination for Best Costume Design.
  • Alpha: A very touching movie that deserved a couple of nominations regarding its production.
  • Bradley Cooper: You have never seen Bradley Cooper under this light before as he led the main actor in A Star is Born. Though he was nominated for Best Actor, this movie was also his debut as a film director. It would have been nice to have had acquired another nomination for that.
  • Stan & Ollie: Another niche production, yet a beautiful beautiful tribute to Stan and Hardy. Not only does it deserve a nomination, but also a win.

The Academy Awards 2019 will be taking place on February 25 at 3:00 AM, Beirut time. You can join a big group of film fanatics at VOX Cinemas, Beirut City Center where the ceremony will be aired LIVE!

RSVP: http://www.osn.com/en-lb/oscars

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