This is not based on a true story, but the story is so true!C-SECTION “يربوا بعزّكن” – is an all-stars Local film harboring A-List cast around both a spectacular story and scenario. A Drama-Comedy blend, centered on a thrilling yet touching plot, carrying deep morals and messages that appeal to everyone around the globe with no exception, in a suspenseful storytelling that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

  • Story by: Isaac Fahed
  • Scenario by: Doris Saba & Isaac Fahed
  • Produced by: Sam Lahoud, Isaac Fahed & Fares Nassif, Under A.V Nation Production.
  • Directed by: David Orian
  • Cinematographer: Hassan Salameh.

Starring: Ammar Shalak, Gabriel Yammine, Pamela El Kik, Shady Haddad, Roula Beksmati and Rami Atallah.Special Appearance: Takla Chamoun, Wafaa Tarabay, Nicolas Daniel, Ghida Majzoub, Fady Mitri, Antoine Kassabian, Roland Fares, Joseph Açaf, Sophie Saykali Fahed, Hind Khadra, Zeina Ziadeh, Sophie Fakhry and Samer el Achi.

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