Ghada El Eid

Duration: 91min
Beiruting Rating:

Josephine, the matriarch of a sprawling family, is delighted to gather everyone for Easter lunch for the first time in two years. While they all share a joyful meal, an incident ignites underlying tensions between the family members and leads them gradually into chaos.


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Main Actors:
Samira Sarkis, Nadim Abou Samra, Jenny Gebara, Laeticia Semaan, Farah Shaer, Jean-Paul Hage, Hussein Hijazi, Ghassan Chemali, Wissam Boutros, Nancy Karam, Etafer Aweke, Toni Habib, Mohammad Abbas
Date of Premiere: 0000-00-00

Showing Hours:
Show 1 Show 2 Show 3 Show 4 Show 5 Show 6 Show 7

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