Abla Tam Tam

Duration: 120min

EL_ABLA_TAMTAM_(ARABIC)_bannerThe film revolves around a music teacher Tam Tam (Yasmin Abdulaziz) working in a private school, who is known for her weak personality in front of her students, and her reluctance to make decisions, which gets her into trouble with her students, their parents, the school administration and co-teachers.



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Main Actors:
Yasmin Abdulaziz,Hamdy Al-Merghany,Bayyumy Fouad,Hesham Ismail,Mahmoud Gharib​,Mostafa Abo Seria
Date of Premiere: 0000-00-00

Showing Hours:
Show 1 Show 2 Show 3 Show 4 Show 5 Show 6 Show 7