Elias Zayek: The New Lebanese Face Finally on the Big Screen


The long awaited event is finally here! Actor Elias Zayek, the new Lebanese face (check our previous article about him: http://movies.beiruting.com/2012/a-new-lebanese-face-elias-zayek/), is going to be on the Lebanese big screens for the first time as a lead character!

Before I start telling you all about it, I just want to say that I am positive that this step is going to grant Zayek a lot of golden opportunities because whether you are an audiovisual specialist or just a regular viewer, this actor is definitely going to leave you with nothing but a passionate urge to see him more often on screens and stages. I know that because I have witnessed it.

Zayek is not an actor who simply gets into a character to perform the role needed. He merely needs the “getting into” part; the way he expresses himself comes naturally. The Father of Modern Theater, Stanislavski, has spent a lot of time trying to teach actors to relate the scene they are displaying to their own experiences so that they can come up with a realistic performance. If only he was still alive to watch Zayek transform instinctively and sharply his theory into action.

After spending three years at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles, Zayek returned to his home country, Lebanon, ready for the challenge. He acted as a lead character in “Sur Ton Sein”, a Lebanese feature film directed by Faraj Aoun.  He next, managed to appear briefly in a Lebanese comic TV show, but then left to sign a better contract with a production company, Eyeshot Productions. The contract included filming a feature film as a lead role. As a result, along with a series of huge and successful Lebanese faces, Zayek will appear as a main character on February 6, 2014 in “Neswen“, the first Arab film to use 5.1 Dolby sound system (for more info about “Neswen”: http://movies.beiruting.com/2014/neswen/).

Elias Zayek and actress Zeina Makki with script writer Youssef Sleiman on the set of Neswen

Elias Zayek and actress Zeina Makki with script writer Youssef Sleiman on the set of Neswen

His character “Saber” undergoes three major physical and psychological changes throughout the movie. Zayek built up “Saber” through the technique he acquired at the academy in Los Angeles, as he also went through an intense preparation with his manager, writer Youssef  Sleiman who looked over Zayek‘s training for the role. Another person who has greatly influenced Zayek was  Sam Andraos, the director of “Neswen”.  After he had spotted him in an interview, Andraos called Zayek to meet up with Eyeshot Productions. 

“The experience with my friend and director Sam Andraos was beautiful and comforting. There was no pressure at all especially because of the confidence he projected upon us all,” said Zayek as he expressed how honored he is to have worked with such talented people.

On set with writer Youssef Sleiman

On set with writer Youssef Sleiman

As for his future projects, Zayek will be filming another movie in mid 2014. There have also been some talks about a major Hollywood production feature film that he is going to be a part of.

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” – Stella Adler.

Thank you Elias Zayek for the constant reminder.


by Miriam Atallah



4 comments to Elias Zayek: The New Lebanese Face Finally on the Big Screen

  • Joey Khalil  says:

    The last time i was with Elias in the Pool chilling, i simply told him that no one reached the Top in 1 Day. He was continuously nagging about not finding any Job and the Problems he was passing by.
    Just remember what i told you my Childhood friend and Brother, your time has come 😀

    Shine, you’re already a Star 😀

  • Miriam A.  says:

    So true Joey 🙂

  • Bchara sarkus  says:

    I had the honor to meet the lead actor elias el zayek in his acting classes that he teach and to be honest it was great i can’t wait to see the movie and i know the buzz that it’s
    gonna make

  • Elias Z  says:

    Thank you brother, 7abibe inta. I really appreciate what you said. Things change, it’s hard work and I’m just trying to keep up with it 😀

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