Barbie and the Secret Door

Alexa is a very shy princess from a contemporary, modern kingdom. Much to the dismay of her mother, the Queen, Alexa would rather get lost in a book than tend to her public royal princess duties. She wishes she had magic, like the brave characters in the books she reads.

One day, Alexa’s grandmother gives her a book that tells a story about a princess whodiscovers a secret door that opens to a magical land. Alexa discovers a similar door in her own castle gardens and steps through into an extraordinary and whimsical fantasy world. A world where magic exists, and where princesses are the most magical creatures in the land.

Soon after her arrival, Alexa meets Romy, a mermaid who has lost her tail; and Nori, a fairy who has lost her wings. They inform her that the magic in the land is being stolen by Princess Malucia, a spoiled and bratty 10-year-old ruler.

Romy and Nori believe that Alexa is the only one who can defeat Malucia and return their magic! Alexa is doubtful that she can help at all but soon gains confidence in her newly found magical abilities and discovers the true magic is in helping others.

She uses her magic to stop Malucia and sacrifices her own powers in order to restore all of the magic to her new friends and their land. Everyone celebrates with what else – a huge magical song and dance number. Confident and happy, Alexa returns back to the real world, realizing the real magic comes from within.


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