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You might not be one of Nemr Abou Nassar’s huge fans but, you cannot deny clicking at least once on his funny Youtube bits and pieces of his various stand-up comedy shows especially after his smashing of Myriam Klink’s “Antar”. The good news is that you do not have to search hard on Youtube anymore.

Although Epic is one of Abou Nassar’s old shows; however, he took advantage of this show’s timeliness and most hilarious moments and got them into one epic piece of comic motion picture.

Epic is not just a simple mix of the different nights where he presented this show. Despite the disturbing and flagrant edited cuts that were made to join one show with the other, the movie was directed in a very smart way with a beautiful beginning and ending. Isn’t it epic watching a whole dedicated part of Abou Nassar making fun of Jad Choueiry in front of the latter himself?

Abou Nassar starts off by telling his story and by showing mobile videos of his very first performance that brought him to Mix Fm which led him later on to become a professional stand-up comedian, and Epic was his debut.

He criticizes in his humorous monologues our Lebanese lifestyle, roads and celebrities. What makes not only his show but also his presence anywhere really exciting is how he directly finds something to improvise on. Because he relies on improvisation more than on a specific word by word script, the disturbing and flagrant cuts mentioned above cannot be avoided, and as the movie goes on, you will actually adapt to them and enjoy them.

Given the fact that Epic was being performed in 2011, of course the movie would have been much more amusing if Abou Nassar was able to mix his Victorious Secret shows with Epic since they are newer and contain much more relevant jokes to our Lebanese lifestyle today. But, having a glimpse of one of his Victorious Secret shows at the end of this movie seems promising enough for another upcoming motion picture.

Nemr Abou Nassar is one of the Lebanese public figures who we should be proud of and constantly support his talent. This is because he is one of the few people who let their talent reflect their importance while also reflecting the importance of the people or subjects that they are criticizing. But, what makes Abou Nassar unique is that he is the wittiest of them all, and Epic is the evidence.

by Miriam Atallah

About EPIC:

The record breaking stand up comedy event of the century – EPIC – is coming to the big screen! Starting October 24, watch EPIC at all VOX and Grand Cinemas across Lebanon! The absolute finest moments of six EPIC nights in one major motion picture event.

In April of 2011, Nemr Abou Nassar, the man who brought and pioneered stand up comedy to the Middle East, ended his Middle East sold out tour “EPIC” with a record breaking six sold out shows in his home country of Lebanon. Heralded as the single most important entertainment event to be borne from the region in the past decade, “EPIC” makes its way to the big screen!

Vanguard Productions and Mix FM are proud to present “EPIC” – The Motion Picture. Witness history in the making in a full cinematic experience, the absolute finest moments of ALL SIX NIGHTS in one feature film.

EPIC Invitation

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