24 Hours of Love

24 love hours 4“24 Hours of Love” is a dramatic social movie by Father Fady Tabet and a number of famous Lebanese actors which story is about a university youth whose name is “Mano”. His father “Najib” is a candidate for the elections and his mother is an aristocratic woman who spends her time partying, shopping and hanging out with friends. Mano became a potential drug user because of the negligence of his parents. However, his girlfriend “Claire” tried to help him get rid of the drugs, but she, suddenly, leaves him for “Wael” who is the university drug dealer.
During a drug gathering, a young colleague dies from overdose. As a result, the police catches Wael who claims the responsibility to Mano, and different events happen and lead Mano to the suicide level, and here happens the biggest surprise that changes his destiny…

24 love hours 3

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