Movie Review: Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse”

“War horse” directed by Steven Spielberg is an epic adventure for audiences of all ages. Starring Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson and David Thewlis  the plot’s based on an adult’s novel by Michael Morpurgo in WWI. The story is about a young boy named Albert who raised and tamed a remarkable horse (Joey). They were forced to separate from each other and that’s when the horse’s journey begins. He moves from one family to another and then through war affecting the life of everyone he meets up with.

Whether you like movies about the natural world, or not you will enjoy watching “War horse”. The story is not beyond logic, it’s not about a talking horse that goes on an adventure, but slightly about the friendship and loyalty a human being can encompass with a horse throughout years.

Judging by the movie’s title, you think you’re about to watch a harsh movie on battles and struggles with lots of death and blood scenes. I personally must admit that at some point I was dying of boredom. There are some awfully slow moving events with useless sluggish scenes that could’ve been told in less than 5 minute! Nevertheless when events speed up you get to experience some heavy war violence scenes where you sympathize with characters and live through incidents that bring tears to your eyes!

Regarding the storyline and being a big fan of Steven Spielberg’s movies, I must admit that it wasn’t that easy taking a story about a relationship between a horse and his boy and revolving it into a whole epic adventure, especially when the main character is a non-speaking non-human leader character. I think the movie is more for young people given that it teaches a lot of family values and a great deal on loyalty and friendship. From a technical standpoint, ”War Horse” is strong; there are some outstanding parts of the movie that the audience will definitely enjoy watching. “War Horse” is currently in contention for six Acadedmy Awards  and five BAFTAs and was also nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.


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