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W Tjawazna (And Then We Got Married) is a short Lebanese film directed by the young talented director Joe Azoury. At first, it was intended to be a university senior project; however after it’s screening, it has received a huge unexpected positive outcome and has managed to make it to The Beirut International Film Festival 2012.

Dr. Jamil (Rony Sassine), a plastic surgeon fires his assistant Rose (Rania Khoury) but they eventually end up getting married. No this is not a love story about a doctor who falls in love with his assistant! It is the story of many Lebanese lovers though.

This movie expresses a Lebanese phenomenon that is somehow still considered as a taboo in our society. W Tjawazna dares to express it in a very respectable and classy way. You know when you use the saying “just like the movies” when you’re describing something unrealistic and sweet? This does not apply to this film because Azoury had no interest in twisting reality; on the contrary, he shows how sweet the reality of this phenomenon is if society would just recognize it as it is without sticking to stereotyping and prejudgment.

Being an academic project budgeted by the student himself, Azoury managed to get the best quality for his work. It was flawless in terms of lights, sound, editing, photography and of course brought up all his creative ideas in directing his very first professional work.

W Tjawazna is a very interesting film that proves how art can work as a form of rebellion, sending a clear and loud message in a very discreet and decent way. It will be showing at The Beirut International Film Festival for this year on October 8, 2012, 5PM at Circuit Planet, Abraj (Theater Abraj 1, entrance 5000 L.L).

About the Director:

Joe Azoury is a 23 year old Lebanese director who majored in Communication Arts- Radio/Tv & Film at the Lebanese American University. He started as a Pharmacy student but ended up following his real passion; directing.

“I will never forget this moment where my father came up to me with tears in his eyes after watching my movie and said: “I’m proud of you!” “.

by Miriam Atallah

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