The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Review)

Whether you’re a Twilight fan or not, you cannot deny the fact that Breaking Dawn Part 2 is definitely going to be a multiple award winning movie for this year! The fifth and unfortunately the final Twilight movie will keep you shaking from beginning to end. It is the kind of movie that manipulates each of your five senses, and if Kleenex partnered with Twilight studio, Summit Entertainment, they would have made a fortune!

Director Bill Condon successfully knew how to make use of each shift that is taking place in the story line to artistically attack our vision with the most beautiful animated fantasy scenes. This saga has been progressing each year in terms of production, and it certainly shows that they have left the best for the last!

You surely cannot watch a Twilight movie with an attitude of expecting scenes close to reality. This is why Condon knew how to take advantage of this and went as supernatural as he was able to. But knowing that it’s a fantasy did not leave the people apathetic; on the contrary, the audience experienced every bit of magic and could not resist their urges to react and release their strong emotions especially after the movie’s climax scene: the flashback in action that has taken many breaths away.

Vampire Bella (Kristen Stewart) is now stronger than ever! Writer Stephanie Meyer has been showing us a weak and depressed Bella throughout the previous movies. This time it was different. “I was born to be a vampire,” said Bella. A clear change in Bella’s character can be seen in this movie. As she wakes up as a vampire, Bella starts discovering her superpowers. Other than being able to create a strong blockage to separate people while fighting, it turned out that she is now physically the strongest in the family.

Meyer has been accused by feminists of showing that women are submissive and weak by having depressed and blindly in love Bella as the main character of the saga. It has been a serious issue for Meyer since her target audience were mostly teens, and feminists were concerned of having teenagers affected by Bella’s low self-esteem. Meyer‘s major argument was that she was focusing on women’s power of choice, and she said that she has clearly showed how Bella was able to make her own choice of not having an abortion when everybody especially Edward (Robert Pattinson) were against her decision. Moreover, Breaking Dawn Part 2 slams all negative critiques that came out about Bella’s weakness, and definitely puts the feminism debate to an end.

None of the Twilight plots is simple due to the cultural aspects and ideologies involved in each plot. However, this one is basically the simplest. The Volturi are after the Cullens because they think that Renesmee (Mackenzi Foy) is an immortal child. According to vampire laws, it is illegal to conceive an immortal being or else they shall burn the child. The Cullens had to get additional support so we get to meet new vampires with different powers. We also get to witness the amazing imprinting relationship between Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Renesmee or Nessie as he nicknamed her. The story greatly depended on Alice’s (Ashley Green) ability of seeing the future, and as the film comes towards the end, Alice assures us of a lovely and peaceful future. But this is not everything about the ending of this awesome saga. In the scene below, Bella says to Edward: “I want to show you something.”

It seems that Bella has additionally developed the power of editing a romantic video clip in her head with a very touching soundtrack about all the perfect moments she shared with Edward. The ending also includes a tribute to all the cast who participated in this sequel. Even though it’s the last movie, the last word in the final chapter was “FOREVER”, and you will come out of this movie believing in “FOREVER!”

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