The Lebanese Film Festival


Thursday 23, 7:30 pm: Opening Ceremony

8:00 pm: Ciné Live by Ibrahim Maalouf on Vormittagsspuk by Hans Richter, Khalfi Chajar elzytoun by Pascale ABou Jamra, We might as well by Waffaé Céliné Halawi, Une terre pour un homme by Philippe Aractingi.


Friday 24th, Cinema 1, 6:00 pm: Messages from an alien by Christophe Katrib, I told president Mubarak by Khaled Ramdan, Check point by Ruben Amar.

7:30 pm: Une journée en 59 by Nadim Tabet, Blue Line by Alain Sauma, Jasad and the queen of contradictions by AManda Homsi-Ottoson.

9:30 pm: Conference : between image and imagination, where does cinema fit ? Presence of Pierre Abi Saab, Gerard Bejjani, Simon El Habr.

10:00 pm: “Carte blanche” by Ghassan Salhab, Black Panthers by Agnès Varda,  The black power mixtape by Göran Hugo Olsson.

Cinema 2, 6:00 pm: Behind the window by Nagham Abboud, Mélodie dans l’ombre by Jessica Mansour, Beirut Buenos Aires Beirut by Herman Belon.

8:00 pm: T.S.T.L by Gheith Al Amine, Pays rêvé by JIhane Chouaib.

9:30 pm: Shensucht by Charbel Kamel, Les destructions by Antoine Letra.

Art Lounge, 12:00 am: Video clip screening night.


Saturday 25, Cinema 1, 6:00 pm: Moussima by Zalfa Seurat, Beirut Theater by Antoine Nassif, Saudade by Yasmine Ghorayeb.

8:00 pm: Meeting with Nadine Labaki.

9:30 pm: Shahada by D. PIntao, A.C. Negri, G.M. Aviles Maldonado, L. Garcia, P. Carballo, February 19 by Tamara Stepanyan, A film by Hisham Bizri.

Cinema 2, 6:00 pm: Aftermath by Wisssam Tanios, Taxi Beirut by Hady Zaccak.

8:00 pm: Bashir was to them what Bowie was to me by Panos Aprahamian, Abu Rami by Sabah Haider, Baa’dana by Roy Arida.

10:00 pm: The story of the virgin butterfly by Walid Aouni.


Sunday 16, Cinema 1, 7:30 pm: Closing ceremony and awarding.

8:00 pm: Les enfants de Belleville de Asghar Farhadi.

Cinema 2, 5:00 pm: The suffering grasses by Lara Lee.

8:00 pm: Damas au péril du souvenir by Marie Seurat.

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