The Expatriate (Review)

You don’t have to be a fan of thriller and action movies to enjoy what turned out to be a surprisingly incredible movie with a very interesting plot.
The Expatriate, directed by Philipp Stölzl, is a movie about an ex-CIA agent who unveils a wide-reaching international conspiracy only to realize that he and his estranged daughter are forced on the run when his employers mark them both for termination.
Being a plot of the investigative genre where the main character has to uncover a mystery and scandalize the bad guys, the writer Arash
Amel, had a big responsibility in creating an appealing storyline.
Since the main character is an ex-CIA, the story had to be captivating and Amel succeeded in making the story astute and very intense that keeps the viewer pondering all the time about every detail or clue mentioned trying to figure out how it relates to the conspiracy.
What really differentiates The Expatriate from other movies of the same genre is the emotional father/daughter relationship demonstrated in the entire film.

Starring Aaron Eckhart and Liana Liberato, the two had an amazing chemistry; they were very fit, convincing and perfectly into character for the plot. What was also skillful was that the emotional moments were dispersed throughout the whole movie; unlike in other action movies where one or maybe two parts of it are only dedicated to the soulful aspects of the story. This is what makes the viewers unable to resist giving their full attention to the movie, bonding sentimentally and rationally with it.
This movie also featured the star of Quantum of Solice Olga Kurylenko (Anna) and Garrick Hagon (Halgate), where the two also had major roles in the conspiracy and were outstanding in their performance.
What you don’t expect in action movies is to have a bit of focus on the cultural aspect. The Expatriate, due to its title, had to have
some diversity in culture since as it is shown, the main characters are Americans living in Belgium. Not only did they refer to differences between Belgium and America but, they also focused on other immigrants like the Arabs. The cast was chosen well to portray the Arabic culture especially Yassine Fadel (Nabil) whom Liberato develops a romantic relationship with. Moreover, it’s one of the rare movies that depict the Arabs as allies and supporters of the main character and not as terrorists like they are usually referred to in Hollywood production films. More than one foreign language were used in the movie including Arabic, Russian and French.
Yassine Fadel as Nabil

Yassine Fadel as Nabil

 Besides from being a well written plot, it was also successfully developed in a breathtaking way in terms of production and directing. The €12,000,000 estimated budget for this movie was very fruitful in giving the impression of a much higher budget.
Like in every great movie, some editing cuts could have been more improved. However, the beautiful artistic variety of camera angles, levels and types of shots are smoothly edited and lightly delivered to the viewer’s eyes. This movie proves itself in being smart and creative in fulfilling its art direction with its direction of photography.
In addition, the special effects applied in the action scenes are very realistically produced in a way that makes the audience experience the thrill of action without feeling the exaggeration in the effects applied.
Such an impressive piece of work like The Expatriate, does not deserve more spoiling. rates it as a must-see movie since it is one of the best films that would keep you stunned from the beginning till after it ends.
by Miriam Atallah
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4 comments to The Expatriate (Review)

  • kyle  says:

    Spot-on! Good review for a movie worth watching. Rotten tomatoes, why still have no review of this film????

  • Herlina Effendi  says:

    The expatriate… the most ugly, bad, boring action movie i’ve ever watched! Maybe i’ll enjoy it better without the daughter character (amy) in this movie, coz she is very annoying! This movie is just like amateur creation.

  • Someone  says:

    Olga is very annoying in this movie. I don’t know if it’s her character … or just her acting style. The character of the daughter is also incredibly irritating: entitled, spoiled, whinny … it’s very difficult to keep listening to her without wanting to freak out.

  • Glenn Marr  says:

    This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was absolute garbage, the story line? the acting? was fucking bullshit. Never will I ever contenplate watching anything that has to do with this fuck head stolzl or echhart again. Just a piece of crap

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