Taken 2 (Review)

This time, it was Mills (Liam Neeson) turn to be taken with his wife (Famke Janssen) by the father of a kidnapper who Mills killed in the previous movie to save his daughter (Maggie Grace). “Taken 2” isn’t different than “Taken 1” in terms of suspense keeping your eyes tied to the screen especially when following the steps that Mills assigns to his daughter.

Against all odds, and how easy it was killing the bad guys without slipping or even doing one single faux pas, you never really stop feeling the tension throughout the whole movie. There were a lot of chances that could have been used by the director or the writer to turn “Taken 2”  into a much more dramatic story but, clearly that wasn’t anyone’s aim.

“Taken 2” merely rehashes sequences from the first film but also, distinctly states that there will be a third sequel for this story. Maybe “Taken 2” was just a preparation for a much more dramatic “Taken 3”.

Taken 1 was livened up considerably by Neeson’s charismatic performance, and he’s similarly effective in the second sequel. It’s a relief, too, to see Maggie Grace given a bit more to do this time around. Famke Janssen, on the other hand, is sorely underused, and spends much of the film fading in and out of consciousness as the narrative requires.

“I’m sick of all this”, Mills sighs in one late scene, as though even he’s feeling the effects of the second half’s lethargy. Sadly, it’s difficult not to agree with him. However, if the lead actor that was created by the writer of this story himself got tired of the repetitiveness then, surely “Taken 3” is a big shift.

by Miriam Atallah.

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  • sara el sarraj  says:

    I loved the movie so much say hi to all the actors hello from me i loved it i just did and selena gomez i love you

    love sara

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