Skyfall (Review)

Happy 50th James Bond! The new 007 movie, “Skyfall” does not only exceed your expectations of the 23rd high budgeted Bond movie but also, blows your mind with director Sam Mendes’ successful attempt of paying homage to the oldest Bond movies.

“A Bond movie that boldly struts forward while looking back over its shoulder to the past,” said Dave Calhoun, Time Out. Starring Daniel Craig, this movie proved to be not only a very creative and impressive production but also, a very respectful tribute to the character of James Bond. It is abundant with pastiche from older Bond movies. An example of that would be Eve (Naomi Harris) introducing herself somewhere in the movie as “Miss Moneypenny” that takes us back to when James Bond series were still novels by Ian Fleming. What was even more interesting is that despite all the looking back, the movie promises us with another return of James Bond.

Director Sam Mendes

Director Sam Mendes

“Skyfall” is the movie of the year! A lot were doubting the ability of Mendes (who is known for his dramatic movies: “Road to Perdition”, “American Beauty”, “Revolutionary Road”…) to pull off the dual-identity directorship needed for a James Bond film; but from minute one, Mendes earned the viewers’ mind and soul especially when and where he chose to insert Adele’s hit.

As it was reported months ago, Adele was the chosen artist this time to sing the movie’s soundtrack. Unlike what a lot of people have imagined, the song does not come out at the end of the movie. The singer’s sentimental voice was merged with the most beautiful scenes and graphics in the movie that gave the audience a taste of how to enjoy death.

“By keeping the plot relatively simple, Mendes has given himself room to expand the characters, lend them a certain depth and just have a bit of fun,” said Tim Evans, Sky Movies. “Skyfall” can be perfectly classified as an action movie yet Mendes played his cards well by keeping a flawless and uncomplicated plot to include what people didn’t really expect much: art & fun. Even though it’s classical in terms of content, this Bond movie was extremely post modern in terms of style.

What was noticeably different this time is the diversion in the focus on Bond women. This time there were three women: M (Judi Dench), Eve and Severine (Berenice Marlohe). Everybody was waiting for sexual scenes between Bond and Severine yet it passed so quickly, and Eve was some kind of a sidekick. The focus was on Bond’s maternal relationship with M instead which made her the Bond woman for this movie. Another new thing in this Bond film was Mendes’ usage of homo-eroticism in a way to surely evoke giggles from audiences.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why “Skyfall” turned out to be the movie of the year is because of the new emerging villain: Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan was not able to create a better villain in “The Dark Knight Rises” like Mendes did in “Skyfall”. Silva is definitely the new Joker and fantastically everything the new Bond villain should be.

“Skyfall” is by far the best Bond movie way ahead of “Quantom of Solace” & “Casino Royale” since it portrays the real Bond in Fleming’s novels. After 50 years, thanks to Mendes we are now more excited than ever for another return of James Bond!

by Miriam Atallah

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