Movie Review: Beirut Hotel

Beirut hotel, directed by Danielle Arbid, has been the talk of the town for several weeks. I was so curious to watch this movie in order to figure out why on hell  they banned it. I read couple of articles about this matter and I got lost, some say it was banned because it carries distressing political messages, others say because it muddles the Lebanese figure with its sex scenes.

I must admit I was disappointed. Seriously, can our government be any dimmer? Forgive my French but do you seriously think the image of Lebanon and the Lebanese people are presented in its perfect way to our foreign? I thought I was about to discover the undiscovered but all I got is a lame story with annoying sex scenes. The reason why I used the word ‘annoying’ is not because I’m a retard and too conservative, but because apparently we Lebanese want to break free and progress but we’re doing it in a terrible terrible way. Once you watch the movie you will understand what I’m saying. I mean yea, you might include some sex scenes if the movie requires it, but how about not presenting them in a despicable way but rather in an artistic way? Here’s the deal and I’m sure you all agree with me, Lebanese people tend to exaggerate in everything they do, if only they get that simplicity is the only thing required to make a successful movie!

Now back to the storyline and cinematography, i must say it didn’t wow me at all. The story’s about a divorcee singer who falls in love with an unstable French lawyer who’s forced to leave the country because they suspected he’s a spy . I believe this movie should’ve decided its failure or its success on its own.

When you think that a movie will let loose information we’re all aware of but our foreign aren’t, better remember that news are international, plus there’s at least one Lebanese person in each and every country. They know more than we do trust me on that.  It’s really ironic and irritating when Lebanon is referred to as a Democratic country. Apparently no one’s very much aware of the definition of that word.


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  • Sam  says:

    I am Lebanese, and I liked the sex scenes. They were not despicable at all. People have sex like animals, not artistically, so it’s only natural to portray sexual acts in a carnal and raw manner.
    The movie, not so great though.

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