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Coming 10 years after its predecessors, one must doubt whether MIB3 will be a hit this year or rather a lame movie that only few people will be interested in watching. It’s exciting to learn that few days after its release; MIB3 had already occupied the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office with a $69.3 million debut at the U.S. and Canadian theaters.

MIB3 is a science fiction comedy film starring Will smith as agent J and Tommy Lee Johns as agent K. Once again, agent J and agent K are on their journey to combat a new alien menace, fight demons and save the world, but what’s different about this movie is the emphasis on the strong friendship that circles those agents.  When agent J discovers that his partner has been killed by an alien ‘Boris The Animal’ who took over the world and vanished agent K from history, Agent J decides to travel in time in order to save his partner’s life, using a time-travelling device. A new face appears when Josh Brolin plays the role of the young agent K.

I found it appealing how both Will Smith and Tommy lee didn’t age. They still look as strong and strapping as they used to be! Science fiction isn’t for everyone and unless you happen to enjoy science fiction comedy films you will find MIB3 lame as its predecessors. Nevertheless, I found the story touching, brought in a very smart and stirring way, that in spite of the fact that events are far from reality they eventually end up making sense. I personally enjoyed watching MIB3 and I would definitely recommend it.

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  • taha  says:

    when will man in black 3 be in Tripoli theaters and at which theater ??

  • Margo  says:

    Dear Taha,
    MIB3 Is already in theaters
    You can check City Complex – Tripoli and Grand Las Salinas – Enfeh

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