Rsasa Taycheh (Stray Bullet)

Duration: 80 mins


Stray Bullet is a 70’s social drama. Artificial lights were rarely used during daytime, this reinforced the credibility of the locations and kept faithfully Beirut’s light showering the characters with its heat and warmth. The night interiors were lit in harmony with the practical lights used on set and the night exterior was mainly kept harsh and real by the streetlights, until moonlight appeared. The film ends and green takes over, the sun’s contrast makes space to the soft and diffused light of the location where the character’s light fades in those of her surrounding.
Stray Bullet is an example of what Lebanese cinema can look like when the story and images are nothing but our own genuine reflection.


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Main Actors:
Nadine Labaki, Takla Chamoun, Badih Abou Chacra, Hind Taher, Rodrigue Sleiman,Patricia Namour,Joelle Hanna,Pauline Haddad
Date of Premiere: 0000-00-00

Showing Hours:
Show 1 Show 2 Show 3 Show 4 Show 5 Show 6 Show 7